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 Tennis Coaching Tips

Tennis is my life, teach tennis is my full-time job. I would like to share with you some basics of tennis in theory first and second in practice on the court!!

The Fundamentals

What I call fundamentals is all actions or movements executed to realize a stroke ( baseline, net, serve, return...). That fundamentals are mandatory for all players ( beginners to number 1 of the world ). It is my goal as a pro coach to teach you!

1) Ready Position
While holding the racket, it is a dynamic, balancing position used before each stroke ( baseline, net, return ). Very important! Get back in ready position after each stroke completed.

2) Split Steps
The split steps help the player to begin a better reaction to organize his stroke once he has detected the ball coming!
Important: Split steps are mandatory each time you have to execute a stroke.

3) Ball / Analyse
Just after the split steps and just before to organize the stroke you need to consider the ball with all the following  5 parameters: Direction - Speed - Hight - Effect - Lenght,
Once it is done you will be able to respond nicely to execute your stroke.

4) Stroke / Organisation
Preparation: Rotation of the upper body dissociate from the lower body. During rotation with the 2 hands grabbing the racket, the racket is going backward with a small loop. Very important! the timing is: Early, Slowly

5) Swing Down
The Racket is continuing her way backward by going below the ball.

6) Contact Point
The racket is coming from back to forward adding the body weight transfer to meet the ball in the front with the racket face, line of the hip, and shoulders parallel to the net.

7) Follow Through
End of your stroke left side up right-hand forehand or opposite side backhand with looseness of the arm and getting back to the ready position.

Here are some general theoretical bases, essential for your tennis! Remember that theory is one thing but the practice is the most important. I can' t wait to meet you in court to teach, improve, and train your Tennis!!


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