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Tennis Lessons Coaching Singapore!

What a fabulous sport! A fascinating and "amusing" game that consists of hitting a ball over a net with a racket and keeping it within the boundaries of the lines on the ground.

That concept seems simple enough at first but in the mindset of the athlete, sportsman, or professional coach, it is there that we learn discipline, endurance, flexibility among other qualities which we also use when off the court in our daily lives.

Being a Coach for over 30 years, Yorick Rozo brings you the keys to success, sharing with you his experience and knowledge, and brings the fun and pleasure into a highly skilled and competitive game. Most of all, he shares his passion for tennis with all who learn from him. Even the number 1 player in the world still needs his coach.

We never stop learning. In the field of sports, the learning process continues like the school of life that is everlasting. From fundamental techniques, tactical strategies to enhanced physical and mental qualities. These are the pillars of the foundation of a true sportsman. As you embark on the journey to know yourself, the development of physical qualities, such as speed, strength, coordination, balance will be refined to your technique of the sport. Mental empowerment will further enhance focus, determination, positive thinking, and self-confidence.


Most of all, we must always remember to have fun!


My Coaching Approach

The first objective is to access my student's level and determined by their age, gender, and skill level. This is done by an observation of the student’s needs which is unique in each student. Their personality and level of interest, motivation, and passion to learn is crucial.

My lessons focus on the fundamental techniques, correction of the weak points, perfecting the strong ones, and to have a competitive edge in competitions. The maintenance of a level of physical fitness is also vital to good, sustained performance.

Each student is taught with a detail of individual strength. Whether my classes are in groups or individual lessons, I strive to find and strengthen the perfection in every each one of my students.


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