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Tennis Lessons Singapore - Tennis Lesson - Tennis Coaching Singapore
Tennis lessons Singapore - Tennis Coaching  Singapore
Tennis Singapore - Tennis Lessons - Tennis Coaching - Tennis Singapore Adults and Kids

We never stop learning. In the field of sports, the learning process continues like the school of life that is everlasting. From fundamental techniques, tactical strategies to enhanced physical and mental qualities. These are the pillars of the foundation of a true sportsman. As you embark on the journey to know yourself, the development of physical qualities, such as speed, strength, coordination, balance will be refined to your technique of the sport. Mental empowerment will further enhance focus, determination, positive thinking, and self-confidence...

About The Coach

I am a French certified Professional Tennis Coach based in Singapore since 2009, with more than 30 years of coaching experience. I bring you the keys to success, sharing with you my experience, my knowledge and, my passion to teach you into highly skilled. Even the professional players in the world still need their coach...

Take up lesson with me at Yorick Pro Tennis Coaching, I strive to provide customized tennis lesson to my clients in groups or individual at all ages from beginner to advanced level  to get the best from my french coaching method, knowing exactly what is the best to master and achieve the perfect consistent (technical strokes/foot work/tactic...) Come, join me on court today!!!!

Tennis Lessons Singapore - Pro Tennis Coaching - Certified Tennis Coach

Coaching Method

The first objective is to access my student's level and determined by their age, gender, and skill level. This is done by an observation of the student’s needs which is unique in each student.Their personality and level of interest, motivation, and passion to learn is crucial. Each student is taught with a detail of individual strength. Whether my classes are in groups or individual lessons, I strive to find and strengthen the perfection in each one of my students.

Their personality and level of interest, motivation, and passion to learn is crucial.

My lessons focus on the fundamental techniques, correction of the weak points, perfecting the strong ones, and to have a competitive edge in competitions. The maintenance of a level of physical fitness is also vital to good, sustained performance.

Each student is taught with a detail of individual strength. Whether my classes are in groups or individual lessons, I strive to find and strengthen the perfection in every each one of my students.

Tennis Lessons Singapore - Group Tennis Classes - Tennis Lessons Adults - Kids Tennis Lessons - Tennis Passion
Individual Tennis Lessons - Singapore Tennis Coaching - Pro Tennis Coaching


Tennis Lessons & Rates

I provide tennis lessons and tennis coaching, for adults and kids, from beginner to advanced in individual and in a private group, couple, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, ladies playing WIT...ect. Tennis lessons are conducted by Yorick only, all aspects of the game will be integrated into a customized session: Biomechanics of the strokes, footwork, tactics, fitness, mental.....

Tennis lessons with Yorick: Knowledge, Experience, Honesty

 Adults Tennis Lessons - Private Tennis Classes - Tennis Classes aspects - Beginners to Advanced Tennis Lessons

2 pax/h/$110

 My Clients Testimonials

Nick Reynolds

" Great coach & great guy ! Been hitting with Yorick past 12 months and my game has much improved ! 💪 Highly recommended !"

Joanne Lai

" I was browsing for a tennis coach.. many coaches shown on site and it was difficult decision to do a good selection. Some provide very low rates and I was wondering if quality of coaching meets the rates? Finally Yorick Pro Tennis Coaching replied my enquires immediately. And my lessons began. His professional and teaching skills was on my high expectations. I picked up very quickly the basics of tennis and my confidence in playing regained. Thank you Coach Yorick and I highly recommend Yorick to everyone for his focusing, technics and individual customize approach."

Guillaume Brodar

" Yorick is a great coach with tons of experience and yet an approachable teaching method  that will develop any player - beginners and competitors alike."


" I have been training with Yorick for 6 months now after almost 10Y of no tennis activity. Yorick has been able in a couple of sessions to change some of my strokes that were never very solid into very strong ones. He is one of the few real tennis coaches in Singapore who has been working in big tennis academies in Europe. He has definitely changed my game for the best! Moreover, Yorick is a very nice guy who understands people (and how to train them) very well. 2 thumbs up! "

Ken Lin

" The best coach I have ever met in my life."

Thibaud Dubois

" Excellent coach, both for kids and adults. Yorick is demanding and fair. All that is required to becoming a better player. Definitely recommended."

Fernanda de la haye

" Yorick is great. Very patient and very attentive to the technique. I’ve learned all my tennis with him and don’t regret it! "

Hyewook Cheon

" Yorick is super professional, always punctual, and our 8-year old daughter has learned so much with him! He has immense experience and is an excellent coach of kids, which is no easy feat. Merci beaucoup, Yorick!! 👍 "

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