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We never stop learning. In the field of sports, the learning process continues like the school of life that is everlasting. From fundamental techniques, tactical strategies to enhanced physical and mental qualities. These are the pillars of the foundation of a true sportsman. As you embark on the journey to know yourself, the development of physical qualities, such as speed, strength, coordination, balance will be refined to your technique of the sport. Mental empowerment will further enhance focus, determination, positive thinking and self-confidence...

About The Coach

I am a French certified Professional Tennis Coach based in Singapore  since 2009, with more than 30 years of coaching experience. I bring you the keys to success, sharing with you my experience, my  knowledge and my passion to teach you into a highly skilled. Even the professional players in the world still need their coach...

Coaching Method

Each student is taught with a detail of individual strength. Whether my classes are in groups or individual lessons, I strive to find and strengthen the perfection in each and every one of my students...

Tennis Lessons & Rates

I provide tennis lessons and tennis coaching, for adults and kids, from beginner to advanced in individual and in private group, couple, husband / wife, boyfriend / girlfriend, ladies playing WIT...ect. Tennis lessons are conducted by Yorick only, all aspects of the game will be integrated in a costumized session: Biomechanics of the strokes, foot work, tactics, fitness, mental.....

Tennis lessons with Yorick: Knowledge, Experience, Honesty

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